I’ve truly thought about trying to learn to scuba dive my entire life. And having a vacation rapidly getting close in Cairns Australia I reckoned I’d better learn fast.

I simply contacted all the nearby scuba dive centres and these people made doing it all sound very confusing and horrific in addition to being unaffordable. Therefore a little bit unhappy I did a search on the internet for “Cairns Scuba Diving” . And what an excellent idea that has been. We were given practically Dozens and dozens of possibilities about Cairns scuba schools along with local travel companies only too willing to aid us quickly learn how to scuba dive.

Soon after sending out numerous email messages with plenty of concerns I was happy to see that the concept wasn’t as distressing, tough or expensive as I’d recently discovered. Generally around Cairns you can do a diving course in four, five or six days and nights. Four days would be the minimum for getting your PADI accreditation. A PADI qualifications is the worlds largest and most accepted.The five and six day courses present you with much more scuba dives and also you are able to do a liveaboard at the Cairns Great Barrier Reef.

Following some decision making I decided to purchase a 5 day overnight diving course. Fistly I had to obtain a scuba medical examination done. This shouldn’t worry anyone who is basically healthy and fit. For people with no significant illnesses or breathing complications you will be Okay. The biggest problem is actually Bronchial asthma I personally beleive.

Days one and two are spent in the swimming pool and Schoolroom. This is when you discover the basics of diving and some basic knowledge. The actual hardest component regarding this was the need to stay afloat stationary for 12-15 minutes. And rather unfairly the fattest people float better than the muscly ones. Those beverages after work every other day ultimately have made it easier for me.

On day three you actually leave for the great barrier reef. You’re taken out to a boat at the reef by the smaller boat filled with day guests, although as soon as you reach one’s destination they ensure you get into the water. You begin your training dives straightaway. The first four dives are a part of the program, where you become familiar with a handful of additional skills. Then you have the opportunity to carry out five more dives with absolutely no lessons incorporated. Now you are a qualified scuba diver. Plus I got to do it on the Great Barrier Reef, definitely not in some dark murky metro area water.

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